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Breaking up fake days.

WELCOME TO pucchan-17@LiveJournal! ♥

Pamela Dianita (パメラ)


Just an ordinary girl who loves Japan. Including culture, music, drama, etc. I love Ikebana (would love to learn it someday), and I also love Visual Kei. My currently favorite bands happen to be the GazettE, Alice Nine, ユナイト, and ViViD. My bias(es) are Uruha, Shou, Yui, and Shin.

Okay enough about that, so I also enjoy writing, reading, singing, etc. I love doing my own nailart and makeup. You could say that I'm pretty girly though lol. My favorite colors are black and pink. I also love big cats (leopards, lions, cheetahs, all of them). Well basically I love animals as long as they have less than four legs (I LOATHE insects, bugs, etc). And I'm also a Westlife hardcore fans since 1999, and my bias is Nicky.

Um, what else? Oh, I had a very bad mood swing, I can be the happiest person in earth but one second later I could have an urge to slay every single human on earth. Yeah, my mood swing is that bad. I hate backstabbers (who doesn't?), and narrow-minded people. I hate bugs, I hate veggies, I hate people who thinks they're always right and won't listen to other peoples' opinion.

Oh and I'm a third year student in college, majoring Japanese. So, nice to meet you, I hope you enjoy your visit~!★

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